Real Talk About Relationships and Married Life


ingram and atiyaThe seeds of this union dates back well over three decades and was planted some time ago in the hearts of Ingram and Atiya long before they even met or came together. Both fiercely dedicated to their life’s calling and one hundred percent committed to their evolutionary journeys in life and service to humanity in two different parts of the world, their paths miraculously crossed in 2010 and the loving flames within their hearts were ignited and therein was the first fanning of these Divine Counterparts.

Both Children of Light, Ingram was in the United Kingdom (London) and Atiya was in the United States (Arizona). Serendipity would have appeared to play a role in this blessing, yet, as chance would have it, luck had very little to do with these two souls coming together. It is their Universal Destiny!

While deep, soulful, unconditional love, transcends space and time, from the moment they came into union in 2011, to January 2015, they were faced with many obstacles they had to overcome to get together, stay together, and to this point. The sometimes incomprehensible intensity and power of this convergence, has created a shift in consciousness, sparked an accelerated awakening, and set in motion a birthing process of tremendous magnitude.

These two souls are no doubt guided and inspired by the Transcendent Reality, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Infinite Source, the I AM THAT I AM, and Highest Possible Form of Love to offer themselves into service to perform a profoundly blessed spiritual and healing work by leading a movement, rooted in the spirit of LOVE, to generate Divine Oneness between Universal Male and Universal Female energies.



Comments on: "Who is INGRAM & ATIYA" (3)

  1. Hey guys thanks for visiting my site. After a brief review of your holy foundation and inspirational intentions, I thought that following post would be helpful (yet perhaps radical to many) to men looking to save their marriages. Blessings, Etan

  2. Hello, I am writing you because I stumbled on to one of your videos “5 mindsets that hinder black women… ” and it was and is exactly what I am currently dealing with. She is 1-5, but religious Rhonda is most dominant these days. Are you ready for an eye full? Well here it is. Before I met this woman I was content living my life as a single father having custody of my son since 9 days old. I dated, had fun, basically lived the single life to the fullest, but then it became boring and unfulfilling, dealing with multiple emotions, attitudes, jealousy you name it. Long story short I got tired of it and wanted more. I wanted to have another child but unlike my first I wanted to actually be in a real relationship with the mother of my last child and wanted my last woman to be my wife. When I met this woman I was more than ready to settle down and the flaws I saw in her didn’t matter one bit, things that I stayed clear away from did not seem to matter when I met her because I already had the mindset that I wanted her to be my woman and ultimately my wife one day. She used to be a stripper, didn’t care. She was married and divorced, had 8 kids from 3 different men I didn’t care. I come from a large family, my mother had 12 kids but with only my father. I grew up in a large family so her having so many kids didnt really bother me until I repeatedly had to flip on or check 2 of them. All three of them are deadbeats, so I have basically been the father figure for all of them. When she gets pregnant with my second child I felt relief that I was officially no longer on the dating scene and very happy at how we were growing and couldn’t wait to get to marriage status. That all changed before my son was even 4 months old. She must have put up a superb front in the beginning because now I don’t know who she is. She started literally harassing me about marriage, giving weak excuses as to why we need to get married NOW, kept trying to make ME sit in front of the PC with her and look at marriage locations, telling people we were already engaged etc.. I tried every sensible way to tell her that she needs to slow down and back up, I was starting a business(, we had limited income and I did not want to start a new life living in a house where she was already married, and I did not want to live sneaking around because she is on section 8. All I wanted was to grow more, stack our money and move somewhere we could really start a new life together. She wanted only what she wanted and did every childish thing in the book because I didn’t want to rush into something under these circumstances. When all of that failed she started with religion. Now keep in mind we already have a child now, and have had the kind of sex that would make a porn top seller, She decided to tell me that we are not going to have sex again until we are married because jesus and her pastor says so, and I politely told her “no, YOU are not having sex until you are married, you can’t make that decision for me and I don’t follow your religion! “. A few weeks of that and I ultimately left. I am agnostic at best, with full knowledge of self. I stopped following Christianity when I started asking questions at the age of 7. I learned to read at 5. I am now 46. And there is no way you can make me un learn all I have learned about religion and force me to believe someone else’s beliefs and follow thier rules. I think for myself and will continue to do so. She would send me td Jake links, text sermons you name it, her quest to become my wife only destroyed all the things in me that wanted to marry her in the first place. She messed with my business, closed my bank accounts, had a childish emotional breakdown while my father was visiting us, I told her to be careful with the direction she was pushing me because it may be in the arms of another woman. Didn’t listen just pray pray marriage pray pray pray!

    So I left, For months I tried to show her actual things in the Bible to prove that she was destroying our relationship based on her misguided information and very limited knowledge of the Bible but she refused to listen, all she cared about was rushing to get married and she wants her salvation. It got to a point where I just had enough so I moved on and back to the dating scene, but this time with a bitter attitude and cautious steps towards being with someone. As soon as a woman would say a word that even sounded like marriage I cut her off completely. 7-8 months of that and then she calls me. She basically apologized for running me off, was sorry for trying to force her religion on me and wanted us to be a family again. Promised she would not come at me like this again and wanted to really work towards doing all the things we initially planned, so I came back home. That was in Feb., and soon as everything was perfect and back to normal here she comes again. it only took 4 months for her to do the exact same things! Let’s see, my birthday was March 9th, she had to work so I basically partied with my friends and had a ball. So after a night of partying and drinking I go home to crash out. But she had other plans. In my deep sleep I started hearing a faint voice talking to me, as I began to wake up more and more I hear her in my ear trying to either do post hypnotic suggestions or the Jedi mind trick, “ready to get married yet? You thinking about marriage? Anything? Do you want to get married? ” it freaked me out so much I just froze and played sleep until she stopped. She was doing this for about 20 min! After that she started playing church songs ALL DAY, started putting religious quotes all on the bedroom walls, the kitchen, the hallway etc.. To a point where I no longer wanted to be in the house, so I mostly stayed in my man cave only coming out to eat or go to sleep. Now I am sleeping in my man cave until I move for good this time. Why? Because she actually was just waiting out her time to do the EXACT SAME THINGS THAT MADE ME LEAVE THE FIRST TIME! Same religios rhetoric, saying the same things about no sex and marriage and religion this jesus that basically going back on her promise. So now I am at the point where I just want to date and be single forever or at least until I find someone less tangled in jesus christ and more interested in having something in the real world. She have her kids thinking I did something wrong to her but never tell them exactly what I did othere than not change since we met. In her world she believes that 1 I need to believe what she believe even though I never believed it before, 2 I need to marry her the way her pastor told her. And 3 no matter what the situation is I should not have leaving her as an option, meaning no matter what I should just be with her and all her delusions. I wish I could show you a picture of how packed up my things are and ready to leave this disfunctional situation alone for good. And prepared to leave my child as well since I know she will try to use him again as leverage. My question is am I wrong for washing my hands of all these issues?? Its crazy, black woman are the main ones complaining about not having a man, or thier kids fathers aren’t around, but I stepped up for all her kids and been there as a father figure and been there as her man and STILL she manages to do all she can to mess that up. Im starting to think I need to take black women off the menu and start giving white women or other races a chance. P.s. excuse the typos

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