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Understanding How Women Communicate Part 1

clarityWhen you travel across the globe, one of the things you quickly learn is that there are cultural differences that play a major factor in relationship building. Depending on the understanding or lack thereof between cultures, you can either build successful relationships that blossom into wonderful exchanges of information and learning experiences, or your interactions can be challenged and weighed down by misconceptions and constant misunderstandings. However, one thing for sure is that no matter where you go in the world, how women interact with one another will most definitely set the tone for any environment.

How women “feel,” is a matter of importance and can shape a community or village. This rings true whether you are in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, or North America. It does not matter if men think a woman‘s feelings are rational, sound, or based on logical reasoning, the truth still remains that if a woman feels a certain way, that is how she feels and no woman need ever apologize for how she “feels.” It’s her truth. Likewise, it makes no sense to argue with a person’s “feelings.” It is their truth.

What many men do not understand is that women have a fundamental need to express how they “feel” in order to be healthy and happy. The relationships they engage in whether it is with men or other women must be ones that help them to “feel” physically, mentally, and emotionally safe to express how they feel. If a relationship ceases to give feelings of safety to express how she feels, a woman will most likely distance herself from that relationship or become closed with respect to meaningful interactions.

Through the process of expression, women work through very powerful emotions that drive the course and dynamics of their relationships and help them to feel a sense of overall well-being. A woman’s feelings are the tender or sensitive side of her nature, and if she feels that her “feelings” are not important, do not matter, or not considered, she will retreat from the relationship whether it is deemed appropriate or not because she perceives this as danger, and women need to feel safe.

Women are masters of communicating subtly and often they send messages to one another as women that often go beyond a man’s conscious awareness. How women “feel” about other women are mostly derived from subtle forms of communication that has occurred between them. This exchange, while many times happens in the presence of men, it’s often outside of their perception or intuitive sense. This is the area that sparks many arguments in relationships, especially about other women.

So a message to husbands who may not fully comprehend the “drama” going on, take a closer look at the interaction between the women around you. Ask your wife about how she is feeling. When she tells you, don’t minimize her feelings or the magnitude of how she feels about the situation. There just might be some major battles going on and the truth is perhaps you might just be the “booty.”


Why It’s Important to Make “Your Girl” Happy

How to Please a Woman Book Cover course photoA common theme or consensus among some men is that women are hard to please, they are never happy no matter what you do, and they just don’t know what they want. While that may be the truth in some camps, it is not necessarily an accurate statement from an overall perspective. Take it from a woman; a man has the power to make any woman happy just by hitting the mark on a few simple things. By doing those things consistently, you would have discovered the secret to putting a perma-grin on your “girl’s” face and whenever she walks into a room it would be like the sun coming out on a rainy day.

Keeping her happy has very little to do with how well you perform in the bedroom, but everything do with how well you are able to make love to her mind. A woman will pull out all stops to satisfy her man when he meets her fundamental needs as a woman. Remember she is a multiplier of what you give, thus if you want a return on your investment, you must utilize your capital wisely in order to gain profitable returns. Otherwise you lose and your relationship becomes bankrupt.

There’s a saying, “A happy woman makes a happy home.” You can have heaven or hell at home and it pretty much depends on the state of mind of the queen of the castle. Yet, the truth is, anytime you have more than one female in an environment, every one of them know intuitively that they are a queen, and thus vie for their rightful place. Women have the power to change an entire atmosphere of a place and if just one in the environment is unhappy everybody can feel it and if you do not understand how this thing works or use wisdom to balance out the estrogen, then your paradise can become your purgatory.

Let me remind you, “Heaven has no rage like love turned to hatred, nor Hell a fury, like a scorned woman.” Scorned means rejected and when a woman feels rejected the pain she feels if not managed can cause disdain and contempt to ensue toward he who she feels has rejected her. To not seek to make her happy yet expect her to make you happy is inciting hell’s fury in your home and your life. To refuse to do the simple things necessary to contribute to your partner’s happiness is perceived as refusing her…a rejection of her. At that point husband, you bring on hell’s wrath in your home.


You may be one of those men who take the position that it is not your personal responsibility to make “your woman” happy; and you would be well within your right to say that because a person’s individual happiness is a personal choice. No one can really “make” another person happy. You have to be willing to choose happiness for yourself. However, wisdom teaches that it would be to your advantage as a man and husband to work to please your wife because of the multitude of benefits a happy woman brings to “her man,” his stomach, and his mind. Her home and interpersonal relationships will also reflect her state of being.

You might think that it is not a matter of importance to do what is within your power to do to make your significant other happy, but if you don’t someone else will. The five simple things that women need to be fulfilled in an intimate relationship is the very thing that is usually lacking which causes you as a man not to get what you need and want.

If you want the food, sex, and peace of mind on a regular basis then come on with the come on. Yes, there are many “other” places you might be able to get what you need and want, but nothing beats good home-cooking. I guarantee you, any woman’s door you go knocking on to get what you need, will still require you to first give her what she needs – those five simple things. So in the quest for instant gratification which very well may be there for you at a cost, you’ll find that it will require you to provide long-term satisfaction. Are you sure it’s a price you are willing and able to pay?

When you take care of home, you will find that everything you want and need is right there and not even for the asking. She is wired to please her man, when he punches in the right codes.

Making Your “Girl” Happy Gives You:

1. A better sex life

2. Good ole’ fashioned home-cooked meals

3. Sweet conversations

4. Peace of mind

5. Finger-lickin’ good with a smile

Making Your “Girl” Happy Eliminates:

1. Nagging and complaining

2. Tears

3. Drama

4. Headaches

5. Unruly and bad-#@! children

Now, I told you the why, if you want to know the how, I invite you to register for the next session of “How to Please a Woman Empowerment Course for Men.” For more information, visit us online at Registration is now open for the session starting in July.


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