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A Message To Women: Go From Fat to Fabulous

quote by Toni MorrisonThere is a reason why fat people are fat. This is not an attack on those who are obese. I myself used to weigh close to 200 pounds. I got tired of being fat, so I did something about it. I got up off of my behind and went to work to lose some weight. But losing it does not always start out by going to the gym or running on the treadmill. It starts by cleaning your house literally and figuratively.

When people saw me go from wearing a size 18-20 to working a stage in a new 125-lb frame sporting a size 4, they asked me how I did it. I always responded with, “I took back my life and power.” That’s exactly what you’ll have to do, not withstanding any medical conditions that could place you at risk.

Physical weight in most cases starts out as mental and emotional weight, and then blows out of control and manifest itself as more pounds. One of the first things a person has to do is deal with the issues that are burdening them. This takes time; but the first pounds you shed will come off as a result of you bringing some control back into your life by getting rid of emotional baggage. You need a support system to do this. However, not having one should not be an excuse. Be determined to get better for yourself. In other words do it for yourself, not necessarily by yourself.

When a person exercises they release endorphins. Endorphins help you to lose weight by suppressing the appetite and by blocking pain giving a sense of overall well-being. Once this process is kicked off, a fat person can get some physical exercise by washing down walls, taking out the trash, sweeping and mopping the floor. They can also add a little fun by playing with young children or each other. This does not have to always be outside. Have fun playing indoor hand ball with a foam ball, bowling with plastic bowling pins or coke bottles and a large soft rubber ball, play hand tennis with a mate or child.

Some people, who have put on considerable amounts of stress related weight, often have other people doing things for them that they could be doing for themselves. Unfortunately children or young people become the victim of unnecessary work that could be shared more fairly within the household. If you are overweight, you do have to take some responsibility for the way you are. It makes no sense to continue blaming other people for your condition. I encourage you to take back your life and power. You can do it with a little will power, self control, and self determination.


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