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Creating Togetherness in Your Marriage and Relationship


Synergizing Your Relationship

Companionship is one of the beauties and blessing of life, particularly when that companionship involves romantic love and intimacy. A relationship between a man and a woman is designed to enhance both people. However, what most fear and what often happens is one of the parties in the relationship loses themselves in the process and sometimes start to feel hopeless. But it does not have to be that way.

A synergistic relationship is one where two or more people are able to effectively work together to produce an outcome that neither would be able to obtain independently. The marriage relationship is an interdependent one and both husband and wife depend on one another and above all they both depend on the Creator to make things happen in their lives and the lives of their family.

When a couple is deciding to get married, they must be willing to work together on all levels for the very relationship depends on their ability to effectively and cooperatively work together. Disagreements and differences of opinion are normal ordinary occurrences and they do come up. However, what makes a relationship extraordinary is when the two can synergize and become bona-fide partners in life. Synergy is a collaborative approach which facilitates mutual respect and helps in overcoming those times when you may not see eye-to-eye.

We all have gifts and talents. No one person in a relationship has the right to advance their agenda over their mate’s and visa versa. In order for a relationship to thrive, there must be a new agenda established which includes the gifts, talents and creative expression of both parties. What often disturbs the harmonic flow of the relationship causing feelings of not being fulfilled is when one party is left out and their passion or dreams are deemed as less important or insignificant.

It is a wonderful and amazing feeling to be able to work well with your mate. On the contrary, it is very devastating to be with someone who does not support you or believe in you and what you bring to the table. This is why, before marriage you must assess the gifts, talents and life mission of your potential partner and how well that matches your gifts, talents and life mission. You do have a life mission right? SMILE.

Open and honest communication is very important in any relationship. It is even more critical in the marriage dynamic. There should be no walls, division, or secrets. This is how trust is built into the relationship and this is how it is maintained. So the old adage, “What it took to get him/her, is what it takes to keep him/her,” rings true.

There are many ways to get the dialogue juices flowing. Here are some tips to get you thinking synergistically. SMILE.

The TOP TEN TIPS to Synergize Your Relationship

1). Outline and discuss your gifts, talents and passions with your potential mate.

2). Be open and honest about what is important to you and what really matters.

3). Discuss with your potential mate what is important to him/her.

4). Talk about ways the two of you can work together and how you can synergize what you do.

5). Discuss workable solutions and agree on ways to overcome areas of disagreement or differences of opinion before the marriage, and stick to the plan in marriage.

6). Make a list of businesses and opportunities that can be created working together using both your and your partner’s gifts, talents, and passions.

7). Work on projects together before marriage to get an idea of how well you work together.

8). Promote each other’s talents. Service to one another increases love for one another.

9). Observe the strengths of your potential partner and see how they cover your weaknesses.

10. As soon as the two of you know you want to get married, take the time to construct a life mission plan together which encompasses both of your dreams and life purposes.

Marriage has its challenges, but together and with The One’s help, you can conquer them all.

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