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Straighforwardtalk Radio Show on TheKeys107 Network

StraightForward Talk with ATIYA is a premiere live talk radio show hosted by ATIYA (author, speaker, trainer, and founder of The Marriage Tree) Every Sunday from 4-5pm broadcasted from the Island of Grenada. offering sensible, real, open and honest, straightforward relationship coaching on the spot. ATIYA has a no-nonsense style inspiring accountability, responsibility and a strong sense of moral integrity. While no question is off limits, her responses and coaching methods may not always be in a “feel good” manner, yet is above board, unpretentious and straight-to-the-point.

As a life coach and trainer, ATIYA does not give advice but rather help you to discover practical solutions for your relationship dilemma or situation. Therefore, you ask the questions and she’ll help you discover your own truth for a better relationship and marriage.

StraightForward Talk with ATIYA, real talk about relationships and married life that helps you to make real changes at the “drop of a dime.


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