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Let it Flow: The Secret to a Healthy Marriage

peas in a podThe unspeakable energy a couple projects into the process of married life can bring about tremendous reward or overwhelming stress. It all depends on a couple’s “flow.”

A married couples “flow” and how well they work as a team is a crucial aspect of marital success and the life of the marriage itself. To flow is to circulate or move in a circle, starting and ending up at the same point. In order for our bodies to be healthy, we must have good circulation. In other words, the blood must flow appropriately through the veins and arteries to and from the heart. Circulation of blood depends on the pumping of the heart. For an average adult, it takes about a minute for blood to make a complete circuit throughout the body. However during intense exercise it can take as little as 20 seconds. Just as exercise is important for optimum health, one important principle couples can learn from how blood flows is the importance of making use of the marriage team in order to achieve the greatest rewards that marriage brings and in the shortest amount of time.

Take a look at the heart, the lungs, blood, and veins. The heart’s role is to pump oxygen-rich blood to all living cells within the body. The blood is the life-maintaining fluid that circulates through the body. The lungs take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The veins circulate deoxygenated blood from other parts of the body back to the heart. Deoxygenated blood is blood which is rich in carbon dioxide because it has already released its oxygen. When you take the principles from the flow of blood and apply it to your marriage, couples can gain a better understanding of the importance of working or “flowing” together. Let’s put it in perspective.

The Heart represents The Marriage

The Blood represents The Love of God

Oxygen represents The Love between the couple

The Lungs represents The Couple

The Veins represents External Connections (friends, family, colleagues, etc.)

The role of marriage is to increase awareness and strengthen the practical understanding of God’s love for creation through a couple’s demonstration of their love for one another. Ultimately it is The One’s (God’s) love for us, our recognition of The One’s (God’s) love for us and our willingness to allow the love of God to guide us on how to demonstrate love for one another as married couples. Yet, it is up to the couple to breathe love to one another and their marriage and expel anything that would cause a breakdown or deterioration of the marriage relationship. Likewise, their external relationships must also be indicative and demonstrative of the Love of God and their love for one another in order to extract the greatest benefits and rewards that marriage offers.

For healthy marriages, working together is a critical process to the life of the marriage; just as proper blood flow is to the body. When a couple does not work cooperatively, it is like one lung fighting the other, when both lungs are needed to do their part for the greatest benefit of the body. Sure a relationship can continue on even when only one is committed. However, just like a body with one lung, that one lung will become overworked and eventually give out.

External influences that couples sometimes allow into their marriage can restrict proper circulation and threaten the marriage. Those influences can consist of people, places and/or things. Like a tourniquet, these external factors can possibly be used to help a couple see things more clearly and allow them the opportunity to make necessary adjustments in their relationship. However, if an occlusion happens over too long of a period it can cause the life of the marriage itself. Therefore couples must protect their marriage. And as Benjamin Franklin was documented to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

The point here is that it is much better to avoid problems in the “get go” as opposed to trying to fix them once they arise. Husbands and wives who learn to work together as a team will undoubtedly ensure the victory!


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