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Winning in Marriage

In a marriage, you are bound to have ups and downs. Nothing is peachy one hundred percent of the time. We all have had to or may be now confronted with having to fight some type of battle that might be weighing on you that is a source of stress on your marriage relationship and/or household. Let me say this to you … when you fight, fight to win and take no prisoners! Remember the enemy’s tactics have always been the same … “Steal, kill, and destroy” and “Divide and Conquer.”winning at marriage photo So, be that as it may, don’t fall for the okey doke! When fighting to win, be aware that you and your mate are on the same team. I don’t care how much they get on your nerves or how mad at them you may be, when you are fighting to win, you must put your personal “feelings” to one side, roll up your sleeves, and handle your business – TOGETHER!

Sometimes things can get pretty tough; but when you and your mate close the gap and band together (you know that cleaving stuff the Good Book talks about), you can really shut it down. No half azz stepping. Take that sneaker … you know the one and what to do with it … and “Just Do It!” There is nothing more powerful than love and unity in a marriage, and when the world seems to be against you, that is when you must step it up and show the world that nope it ain’t happening here!

Close your ranks so tight that those who do not mean you or your relationship well will understand with no shadow of a doubt that your marriage is built on the foundation of Love and the Creator is the principle guide in your union. And anyone or anything that gets in the way and attempts to steal your joy and your energy will get that sneaker right where the “sun don’t shine” and you know what I mean.

See if God is for you, who can be against you?

In life, sometimes there are many hurdles to jump. Marriages are no different.  The life of your relationship may have many hurdles to jump. But the question is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to give up the race or are you going to go ahead and jump the hurdles and make it to the finish line. Marriage is not a race for the faint at heart. Marriage takes endurance. Endurance is the ability to bear suffering. Now the truth is most of the “suffering” in marriages is a result of two factors.

  1. The inability or unwillingness of individuals in the relationship to make necessary adjustments; and
  1. External forces.

Often the above happens simultaneously. However, if a couple leaves and cleave and are willing to make the necessary adjustments as they come up, the couple can overcome anything that challenges their union. These challenges may not be direct attacks against the marriage itself. They could be indirect attacks by way of various issues that raise the level of stress in the marriage such as outside battles that impact the calm and flow of the union. Consequently, as a result of the level of energy it may take to resolve those issues, the couple may get impatient with one another, get frustrated, lose themselves in the fight, or even start to communicate in less loving ways to each other as a result of being irritable. When there is inundation of external drama to contend with, it can be exhausting and completely drain your energy that it makes it hard for you to focus on anything else. But, that is the goal of these types of marriage vampires. They seek to suck the life out of you and your marriage. So it is up to you and your mate to bust that S#!t up.

So, attention couples … prepare to fight and win!

  1. Remember that the enemy is not your mate. The real enemy lies outside. Do not allow the outside to rule inside. Allow your union and home to be your bunker!
  1. Get organized and work as a team to address issues as they arise and operate in the area of your strength. FLOW together. Do not make hasty moves that would put you or your mate in harm’s way. Have each other’s back.
  1. GET PLENTY OF REST!!!! I cannot stress that enough. No one can effectively fight battles when they are deprived of needed rest.
  1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!! This is very important. It may not seem to be at first, but when you start the process of getting the proper amount of water for your body you will most definitely see a difference in how you feel and perform.
  1. The last thing on this list, but definitely not all there is, and that is to BREATHE!!!!

If you are not going to fight to win, you might as well stay at home. Those who are going to war with this negative energy attacking your union and family, I say to you … put your marriage “dukes” up and as Will Downing says, “Let LOVE do what it do.”


How to date with purpose and discover your own truth Video Interview with ATIYA


This is a video I wanted to share with you as I recently did an interview talking about love, relationships and dating with purpose.

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“Your Dreams & Visions Matter”

My Husband series Ingram Jones talks back latest video I wanted to share with you so that you can be as inspired as I was listening to this today. As always, we appreciate your comments, feedback as we too are still growing. Have a blessed week and enjoy the video!


Food Time – Cooking With Atiya

Atiya, the Marriage Strategist and her husband, Ingram are having fun in the kitchen, while discussing some relevant husband/wife issues. Enjoy the way they bring up serious issues in a light-hearted and funny way.

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From Dating to Marriage- The Process with Ingram & Atiya

“From DATING to MARRIAGE”- The process with Ingram & Atiya

In this video Husband & Wife Team Ingram & Atiya discuss the process from dating into married life. Both share their experiences and give some useful coaching relationship tips.

How to Date
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Ingram & Atiya


Why Not Sex Before Marriage


This is a message from Ingram Jones. It is a very powerful yet easy listening message. It behooves anyone to take the time to listen. SMILE.

21 Day Twin Soul Journey Of The Heart- A Free Gift From ATIYA

Twin Soul Journey of the Heart
A FREE Meditation & Spiritual Retreat

Welcome to the Light!
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I know that there are numerous marriage counselors in the U.S. and a vast selection of worldwide couples therapy programs to choose from. However, my conversation with you as The Marriage Strategist and a professional marriage and relationship coach is about awakening to the awesome power of love to experience the most fulfilling relationship ever imaginable on a soul level.

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An important message for all religious teachers, pastors, preachers

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Learning to Love Yourself, Even After Marriage

In this message, Atiya discusses the importance of loving yourself before marriage and after marriage, and how love for self is a pre-requisite to knowing how to show love to your mate and others. She answers a question that was presented to her in a coaching session. For more information, please visit us online at

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Authenticating Your Marriage

In this message, Atiya discusses how to Authentic Your Marriage and the importance of being honest and open to your mate.  For more information, please visit us online at To read the full article, please go to:

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