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Passionate Power Couples Summit


I am super juiced to share a great free resource for couples! Passionate power couples summit is a virtual interview series that is completely free. Experts will share their own personal experiential knowledge and advice so that you can enjoy a unique and extraordinary marriage with longevity. Passionate Power Couples summit launches on October 12th. Register here for interview series with this link and check out my interview! SMILE.


Giving Your Best To Get the Best

give-bestToday I want to talk with you about the spirit of excellence. Excellence is not just about being great, it is about being outstanding at what you do and exceeding your own expectations. When a person operates in the spirit of excellence, they rise to the occasion and surpass their ordinary efforts. In relationships and in life, there is often a saying you get out of it what you put in. This is a very true statement. Getting the best out of life requires that you give your best to every situation you take on. If you are not willing to give your best, then it is best to not take it on.

I’ve heard people say that they cannot always be at one hundred percent. I’ve heard them say that everyone has bad days. I totally reject that logic. Giving your best doesn’t mean that it will be THE best there is, it simply means you do what you are capable of at that given moment. When you give your best, the Universe steps in and does the rest. However, it only does so when you give everything in you at that moment.

This is not one of those long messages to stimulate your thinking. This is just a brief pep talk to encourage you to step up to the plate and to not be afraid to give your current endeavor everything you have to give. YOU WILL WIN! All you have to do is believe you can and then go after what it is you want. “If you have the faith of the grain of a mustard seed, you can move mountains!” Give your best effort to the process and watch what happens!

You can do it! We’re right here cheering you on! SMILE.


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