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In this message, Atiya discusses the importance of loving yourself before marriage and after marriage, and how love for self is a pre-requisite to knowing how to show love to your mate and others. She answers a question that was presented to her in a coaching session. For more information, please visit us online at

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Comments on: "Learning to Love Yourself, Even After Marriage" (3)

  1. Hi Atiya,

    [To know you is to experience you…] WOW!

    This was a very powerful message.
    I’m currently in a season of self-discovery because of my relationship with my Higher Source.
    In this process I’m learning to love myself more.

    You mentioned one or two things can happen.
    I can appreciate my wife more or I may find out I deserve more and move on without my her.

    My mind is saying I deserve more but I don’t want to leave.
    What I’m learning about myself is sometimes I don’t have the courage to say what I really mean.

    What causes one to appreciate their spouse more at this stage vs. becoming resentful and wanting to leave?


    • Great question Vernon. What causes one to appreciate their spouse is through service to them. When you “pay attention” to your loved one and honor and respect what is important to them, you will begin to grow a deeper understanding of them. When you remove your own personal ego and truly seek to try and understand them even if their idiosyncrasies are not what yours are, you will learn more about your spouse and learn to appreciate her for who she is. Accept her for who she is and help her in the spirit of love to become better by being better yourself. In order to do that you must learn about her and look at what makes her special and unique and celebrate that rather than despise her for it. It is these uniqueness’s that help to complement you. Leaving is not always the answer, and in getting better because you both deserve better is about working on your individual selves to give each other and the world a better version of yourselves. I hope this helps. SMILE.

      • Yeah my ego gets in the way a lot. And It’s our differences on things that knocks me off my emotional block. I have to do better with seeking to understand first too.
        But you gave me some excellent advice and I will do my best to practice them. I feel better already.

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