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Looking For Mr. or Ms. Right

Mr and Ms right photo blurredFrom the perspective of men, there are two types of women: Those who they take home to meet mother dear; and those that they just have fun with. I’ve met several men who appear to be great catches. They are men who say that they’re not looking to date or play the field any longer; they just want to find Ms. Right. Yet for some reason they are having difficulty finding a woman who is ready to be married, prepared to be in a serious relationship, and who doesn’t come with a trail of baggage.

On the other hand, from the standpoint of women, there are very few available good men out there. They are either already married, in jail, or gay. For some, interracial dating and marriage is not an option. However for others, they simply want a good man and it doesn’t matter what their exterior looks like.

For me, when I hear the concerns, several questions arise. If you want a good man or good woman, then why don’t you have one? If you are a man, have you cut the apron strings from mommy dearest? Are you ready to be in a committed and exclusive intimate relationship? Are you able to provide for a wife? Are you taking care of any children you’ve produced? Do you have a steady and stable flow of income from “legal” avenues? Are you in the candy store trying to sample all the candy before you buy any?

For women, are you holding out for that perfect man or the one that really doesn’t exist? Do you have a list of ridiculous standards or criteria that are impossible for even yourself to measure up to? What bait are you using to catch your fish? What does your drama closet look like?

I say put the situation in its proper perspective. There are plenty of eligible men and women out there who are actively looking for that right person to show up. However, you have to be ready and mature enough to have those deep and serious discussions. Get rid of the game! If you are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right to walk through that door, then make sure you are Ms. and Mr. Right on the other side of that threshold.

What do you think?


A Relationship Message For Women

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