Real Talk About Relationships and Married Life

No Bull CrapNow, I have heard women say the same way you get a man is the same way you lose him. When it’s stated you can see and hear those in the Amen section nodding their heads and saying, “That’s right.” When you look at the situation, the ones who are in that frame of mind are the ones who usually don’t have a man or in healthy relationships.

That is not right. It’s stinkin’ thinkin’. If you lay the proper foundation for a relationship, it is possible that a healthy, loving, faithful marriage can ensue. If you sneakin’ and creepin’ with someone else’s man then, I guess I can see your point. But what do you expect? How do you think you are going to be blessed?

Women with that mindset come into the relationship with thoughts of failure. How can you keep him, when you doom it to failure from the get go? The same is true with the statement that, “All men lie and all men cheat. This is crappy thinking, a crappy attitude, and damaging to all women. First, it does not allow you as a woman to start a relationship on the right foot. Second, it sends the woman who is working to build a happy and healthy marriage or relationship on a head trip.

I think these sorts of statements stem from envy and jealousy because I have noticed that it is usually single women saying this to women in relationships.

Sounds like bull crap to me. What about you?

Your comments are welcomed.


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